Sea Shell Shop History

A Third Generation Family Business

Once upon a time in 1953, some 60 years plus ago, Mama and Papa Sea Shell had two little shops by the sea, the first in Ft. Lauderdale by the Sea, Florida, and later a second in Ocean City, Maryland. As time went by, Papa Sea Shell passed away into the heavens and there sprang the birth of a new Sea Shell Shop on the boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. A year later came the birth of yet another Sea Shell Shop in Nags Head, North Carolina. As time passed Mama Sea Shell went to be with papa but the newborn Sea Shell Shops continued to grow. 1979 saw the close of the Ocean City Shop and in 1983 the original Sea Shell Shop in Florida closed. The Nags Head shop closed in 1989. In Rehoboth Beach the original boardwalk shop was moved to its present location on Rehoboth Avenue and then followed the birth of two more Sea Shell Shops, a Dewey Beach Shop in 1984, and a Bethany Beach Shop in 1990. Try our new adventure, the first “Shell We Golf” miniature golf course and the largest Sea Shell Shop out on 19366 Coastal Hwy., opened in 1996. As time goes by and a fourth generation is born, you never know where or when the birth of a new Sea Shell Shop may happen. We are a third generation family business and are always happy to have you and your family in our shops and, as always, “little HANDS are always welcome at all the Sea Shell Shops.”

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  1. Raheel

    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    We can supply all types of beautiful seashell finished & raw. We can also supply decorative items made from seashells.

    We look forward to your inquiry.


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